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Fridays For Future Ireland is a branch of the global #FridaysForFuture movement. We are a network of Irish student climate activists leading Fridays For Future school strikes across Ireland in solidarity with other school strikers across the globe​.

Our aim is to demand that the Irish government takes action on climate change and climate injustice in Ireland -  we want our government to align itself with its commitments to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and do their part in lowering our carbon emissions to the point where we can limit global climate change to a 1.5 degree average warming target above pre-industrial levels.

If we don’t stop the destruction of our planet, we will lose countless species of animals and plants and we may even face the end of human civilization as we know it. We are here to stand up and fight back against the onslaught of injustice coming from the companies and governments that don’t just control the now, but the future of every generation to come.

As young people, it has come to the point where the only way we can attract the attention of both our own government and governments around the world is by striking from school. By striking, we are saying that our education doesn’t matter if we don’t have a future.


Please see contact details of local groups here. 


Since January 2019, we have been striking every week outside town halls and city/government buildings, demanding that the government takes action to fight the Climate Crisis.

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