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Step-by-step instructions to organising a strike in your locality

1) Pick a location for your strike, we recommend either outside a local Government building (eg City or County Council) or in a well known, visible public space (eg Eyre Square in Galway.) Please avoid trespassing.

2) Where necessary obtain permissions from the Gardaí for your strike, you will need to do this if you are planning to march or if you will be obstructing roads etc.  

3) Make a twitter or instagram for your strike to attract others in your area and to make it easier for us to direct other organisers in your locality to you

4) Make us aware of your strike so that we can promote it through our webpage and social media platforms, so that we can include you in our organisers' network, and so that we can support you in striking. You can do this by emailing with the details of your strike

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