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Fridays For Future Ireland announce next Global Day of Climate Action

Fridays For Future, the global climate strike movement, are once again calling for global climate action this Autumn. On 25th September protests for climate action will take place in many different forms all over the world, in line with local COVID-19 restrictions. 


As well as the now familiar mass demonstrations, which will hopefully be possible in some places around the globe, organisers will use various other forms of protest to demand more ambitious climate action, with justice at its core, as during lockdown, when in-person demonstrations were not possible. “If it is not safe to have mass gatherings in the autumn, which is likely, then we will use the methods we have been using over lockdown, but on a much larger scale. The climate crisis hasn’t gone away because of the COVID-19 pandemic.” said Áine Dempsey, 17, Dublin.


“Of course we will not be gathering at all if it is not safe to do so, because in times of crisis we change our behaviour. What we are trying to say now is that we need to fight every crisis like a crisis, not just the ones that our leaders feel are politically convenient to act on” Added Saoi O’Connor, 17, from Cork. 


Activists within Fridays for Future say the global pandemic has shown the world that our leaders can and are willing to take drastic action in line with the best available science. The Irish Government must make the bold decisions to ensure that Ireland meets its climate targets. Nothing less will be acceptable. 


Worldwide, millions of people joined previous mobilisations to demand immediate, radical action on the climate crisis, consistent with the 1.5 degree target and the principles of Climate Justice. 

See you on the Streets!

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